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I wanted to find a way to communicate both of my passions. Sports has impacted my from a very young age and marketing eventually caught up to me in University. This website is exclusively for sharing sports marketing & marketing analytics content and being able to gain knowledge from other people’s ideas and knowledge!


My Credentials

I am currently in the process of my second Graduate Program in Marketing at Florida International University. My passions for analytics originates from receiving a Bachelor of Business administration in Finance and a Graduate Degree in International Business & Data Visualization.

I have worked within market analytics sectors for over three years in London, Madagascar, and the United States. This website and my blog posts are a combination of my knowledge and passions!

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I will be posting updates continuously on this website (through my socials). If you have any topic you want covered in a blog, contact me or reply in the comment section! Visit the website to stay updated on new content, and turn on your notifications for new posts!

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