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 Brand architecture is the logical, strategic, and relational structure for all brands in the portfolio. EquiBrand Consulting states that customers relate to brands at different levels –corporate, endorsed brands, product brands, and product descriptors. Today we are going to discuss two important topics: 

1. What is Brand Architecture Strategy 

2. Brand Architecture Strategy in Sports 

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” 

– Jonah Sachs 

What is Brand Architecture Strategy 

EquiBrand Consulting states “the master brand often carries emotional benefits, with endorses brands conveying rational benefits and target-specific relevance.” There are three key brand architecture objectives which include clarity, synergy, and leverage. 

Clarity: The architecture must promote clarity both to the marketplace and internally. EquiBrand Consulting points out some key questions such as: “will customers understand their purchase and how it relates to other offerings” and “are we consistent and single-minded in presenting the key beenfits of each brand relative to another?” 

Synergy: This means that the architecture of the brand must allow the parent company to deliver against a larger brand promise. 

Leverage: EquiBrand Consulting states, a well-managed brand architecture should provide leverage for a company to extend its brand horizontally and vertically to capture new customer segments and markets.  

Brand Architecture Strategy in Sports

Thilo Kunkel in his article ‘Sport Brand Architecture’, states “In a branded house, the master brand name is closely link to all sub brands. In contract, a house of brand s has a limited or no linkage between the master brand name and its major brands. Most sport entities are positioned in. a mixed-branding portfolio.” 

Results published in the Journal of Sport Management states the findings can be used to improve management and marketing of leagues and teams by leveraging their brand relationship especially with consideration of brand loyalty. 

Nandini Kasera in her article, ‘Building Brand Architecture: Nike and Adidas’, states “both Adidas and Nike have unique brand promotions. Customers view Nike as being an innovator and creative. That means the major target audience is the football players and athletes. 

Looking Ahead

Taking advantage of having a great brand architecture strategy will help your company have a competitive edge. 

Catch us each week for more on brands and take a look at our Paid Media in Sports article from last week! 

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